Securing Orcids in a hand tied bouquet

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Orchids in a bouquet

Post  Ardith Beveridge on Tue Aug 11, 2009 3:29 pm

Dendrobium orchids must be on the stem. They will not insert in the foam with a short week stam.
Cymbidiums : Cut the stem off to the base of the flower. For larger flowers use a rose stem, smaller flowers use a corsage stem. These are the ones that look like the stephonatis stems, but these have some of the chenelle stem coming up out of the cotton.
Soak the stems upsiode down in clean warm water with flower food. After cutting the stem from the orchid, insert the wet stem into the base of the orchid, glue the stem onto the flower with Oasis Adhesive, cold glue in a tube. No taping necessary. If you want to elongate the stem you may wire and tape a wood pick on the bottom. This may be used in hand tie or foam holder, DO NOT USE IN A CORSAGE.
Remember when you receive the orchids from Koehler & Dramm, remove the water tube, soak the orchids for 10 minutes in warm water with flower food to rehydrate the blossome. Remove them, cut the stem, place them in water with flower food. Keep them above 55 degrees at all times. AA

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Securing Orcids in a hand tied bouquet

Post  Cheryl on Fri Aug 07, 2009 7:44 am

I am using orcids in a hand tied bouquet for a wedding. What do I use to make a stem? I have never used them in a bouquet and I was thinking maybe using the stephenotis stems. Would that work or does anyone have a better idea. Thanks


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